Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police


Active membership for police executives allows for full participation and voting rights in the Association.

Active Members

  1. The chief of police of any municipal service in the province of Saskatchewan;
  2. The commanding officer of “F” Division, R.C.M.Police;
  3. Deputy chiefs of municipal police services, or those officers designated as “second in charge”.
  4. The Officer-in-Charge, Criminal Operations, “F” Division, R.C.M.Police.

Active Member web sites

Associate Members

  1. The chief officer, deputy chief or assistant chief of an organization in the province of Saskatchewan who is not eligible for active membership but whose organization is engaged in law enforcement or corporate security (other than a private security corporation or agency operating for financial gain or profit).
  2. The director, deputy director and regional directors of any federal or provincial government department engaged in enforcing the laws of Canada or provincial laws in Saskatchewan.
  3. Officers of the rank of inspector and above of municipal, provincial, regional and federal police forces serving in the province and who are not members of the police union, or police association whose membership comprises ranks below that of inspector.
  4. Officers Commanding R.C.M.Police Districts.
  5. Commissioned Officers of the Canadian Forces Security Branch employed in the Province of Saskatchewan whose duties essentially involve law enforcement and who are not eligible for Active membership.
  6. The Director and Deputy Director of the Saskatchewan Police College and all management staff of the Police College recommended for Associate membership by the Director.
  7. The Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Police Commission.
  8. The Director of the Law Enforcement and/or Policing Services Divisions of the Department of Justice, Province of Saskatchewan.
  9. Deputy Commissioner, R.C.M.Police, Northwest Region

Associate Member web sites

  • The Saskatchewan Federation of Police Officers