Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police is proud to present

Sergeant Scott Yuzik of the Saskatoon Police Service

with the

Valor Award

Sergeant Scott Yuzik has served with the Saskatoon Police Service since 2003.

On December 17, 2014, Constable Olafson, Constable Erickson, and Sergeant Yuzik were dispatched to a call that a distraught female was on the river bank by the Broadway Bridge. When they arrived, the woman had entered the water. Constable Olafson waded knee-deep into the river to initiate negotiations.

The woman could not be reasoned with and fully entered the water. At this time, Constable Erickson, secured to the shore with a rope, immediately entered the river. His rescue attempt was thwarted due to the extremely cold water.

As the woman was taken downstream, now struggling against the current and screaming for help, officers were able to run along the riverbank readying themselves for a second rescue attempt.

Sergeant Yuzik secured himself with a rope that was held by officers on the riverbank. He entered the water and was able to swim to the victim and grab her. Constable Erickson re-entered the water to assist. Sergeant Yuzik and Constable Erickson secured the woman and all three were then pulled to safety by the officers on the riverbank.

Constable Olafson, Constable Erickson, and Sergeant Yuzik put themselves at extreme risk to save the life of this 27 year-old woman. This young woman would very likely have succumbed to the extremely cold water and strong current had it not been for their courageous acts. The Saskatchewan Chiefs of Police are proud to recognize their distinguished act of heroism with the Valor Award.



Chief Troy Hagen
President, Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police