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Community Policing

Staff Sergeant Charles Wood has demonstrated excellence in his policing duties through the implementation of various programs addressing the needs of at-risk youth, repeat offenders most notably within First Nations communities.  Staff Sergeant Wood assisted in the establishment of a “Community Cadet Corp” and an “Alternative Measures Program” at Stanley Mission which proved to be of great benefit for such an isolated community.

Staff Sergeant Wood continued to create positive relationships between the police and the rest of the community through initiatives such as the “Youth at Risk Mentoring Program” and “Nite Light” which he helped implement while serving the community of Rosetown.

Staff Sergeant Wood’s working relationships with the White Bear First Nations led to his development of the “Adult Alternative Measures Protocol” in 2004  which originally dealt with property crimes, but was later expanded to include persons’ crimes due to the overwhelming need to deal with alcohol abuse.

Staff Sergeant Wood’s exceptional ability to recognize areas of need within a community and to work with the community to address those needs has caused him to be recognized at various levels. 

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police would like to commend Staff Sergeant Wood for his work in various communities by awarding him with the
 Excellence in Policing Services Award for 2006 in the category of Community Policing.




Chief Terry Coleman
President, Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police