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The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police
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of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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Sergeant Suwinski has demonstrated excellence in his investigative work through the creation of and dedication to Project Fusion, which became Saskatchewan’s largest investigation into organized crime.  The excellence in Performance Award is given to an officer who has excelled in more than one area of policing and symbolizes the highest level of achievement in the province among police officers.

Sergeant Suwinski’s commitment to targeting organized crime resulted in the successful joining of Project Forget and Project Faldo to create Project Fusion in October 2000.  Sergeant Suwinski led the task force comprised of individuals from Saskatoon Integrated Drug Unit, Integrated Proceeds of Crime, Customs and Excise, DCAS, Special I, Major Case Management and Saskatoon Police Service SCU.  With Sergeant Suwinski’s insight this task force quickly grew to include a Regina Task Force with RCMP and Regina Police Service Personnel.

Sergeant Suwinski remained completely committed to Project Fusion for its entire 3 years of investigations and worked tirelessly through extended periods often without days off.  This resulted in the generation of 377 charges against 73 individuals including members of Hell’s Angels.

Sergeant Suwinski has remained committed to ensuring successful prosecutions through the courts with very limited resources since the cessation of Project Fusion.  Sergeant Suwinski has demonstrated  vast knowledge and tremendous leadership in the investigation of organized crime.  For his achievements with Project Fusion and organized crime investigations, the Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police would like to commend Sergeant Suwinski  for his work to eliminate organized crime in Saskatchewan by awarding him with the Excellence in Policing Services Award for 2006 in the category Excellence in Performance.


Chief Terry Coleman
President, Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police