Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police
 is proud to present

Ms. Wendy Stone
of the Regina Police Service

With the

Community Policing Award

In 2009, the City of Regina’s Regional Intersectoral Committee identified early childhood development as a priority in addressing the root causes of crime. A study showing that Regina children were behind their Saskatchewan peers in early development was cause for great concern.

On behalf of Regina Police Service, Superintendent Dudar and Ms. Stone constructed an early intervention initiative designed to address risk factors in children.  Based on a philosophy of community policing, they provided leadership and strategic direction to develop partnerships and gain commitment from the Regina School Boards, Social Services, Child and Youth Services, Mental Health and Addiction Services, Regina Open Door Society, and two Community Elders. They developed a program for making appropriate connections and referrals for children to optimize their health, safety and development through improved communication and collaboration among service providers.

The group’s long term goal is a reduction in the number of children involved in the criminal justice system, a reduction in the number of families requiring social assistance, and more children staying in school and continuing on to fulfill their potential as healthy, productive members of society.

The Saskatchewan Chiefs of Police is proud to recognize Superintendent Lance Dudar and Ms. Wendy Stone with the Community Policing Award.





President, Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police