Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police
 is proud to present

Staff Sergeant David Schluff
of the Prince Albert Police Service

With the

Excellence in Performance Award

Staff Sergeant Schluff is being recognized for his dedication to helping youth in the community. His caring and selflessness in creating the River Runners Program has provided many local youth with opportunities that they never would have had without this program.

Staff Sergeant Schluff envisioned the idea for the River Runners Program one day while canoeing with his daughter. As he grew more excited and committed to the project, he wondered how many children would love to be given the same opportunity to participate. The program is designed so that it doesn’t discriminate against anyone participating. Teachers in the community nominate students they feel would represent the values of the program with no regard to whether they are troubled youth, special needs or have a disability. The only requirement is a willingness to overcome obstacles in their lives.  

The River Runners Program accepts youth from the community and provides them with an opportunity to work as a team, promotes leadership in youth and encourages them to become role models in their community. 

Many of them do return to the program. This is a testament to Staff Sergeant Schluff’s easy going nature and his natural ability to positively interact with youth. The program’s expectations have been exceeded and it is gratifying to see these young individuals learning positive life skills and developing into strong role models in society.




Chief  Dale McFee
President, Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police