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Public Education

Constable Denise Reavley has demonstrated excellence in her policing duties through the creation and implementation of an Auto Theft presentation delivered to youth by Regina School Resource officers. As a critical ingredient of the Regina Auto Theft Strategy, Constable Reavley willingly accepted the assignment of the educational component that worked hand in hand with the enforcement and supervision components of the strategy.

Constable Reavley produced a presentation that was based on a letter written by a young woman whose parents were killed when their auto was impacted by a stolen vehicle operated by joyriding youth on a Valentine’s Day evening in Saskatoon. This presentation was very effective in the school setting and included photos of motor vehicle collisions that captured the seriousness of joyriding.

The work and dedication of Constable Reavley has been recognized by peers, supervisors and the community alike. The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police would like to commend Constable Reavley for her work in educating the public in risks associated to Auto Theft within the community of Regina by awarding her with the Excellence in Policing Services Award for 2005 in the category of Public Education.




Terry Coleman
President, Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police