Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police
is proud to present

Constable Taylor Mickleborough
of the Moose Jaw Police Service

With the

Public Education Award

Constable Mickleborough began his policing career in 2000. He has kept a strong focus on community involvement while performing his policing duties in Patrol, Traffic, Criminal Investigations, and now in his current assignment, the Serious/Organized Crime Unit.

In response to the problem of prescription drug abuse in Moose Jaw, Taylor compiled information from a large number of confidential informants.  He then forged a partnership with Mr. Spitzig, the Pharmacist Manager of the Prescription Review Program with the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Mr. Spitzig was able to use Constable Mickleborough's information  to identify physicians in Moose Jaw and district whose dispensing practices were contributing to the drug problems in the city. Mr. Spitzig then followed up with correspondence and support to help the doctors tighten up their dispensing practices. This education-focussed initiative resulted in a massive reduction in the amount of drugs available for abuse and an increase in drug abusers seeking help for their habit. This strategy differs from past practice in that it is driven by education rather than by enforcement.

This collaborative effort initiated by Constable Mickleborough has been presented at a national conference in Ottawa as a model to form a national strategy on combating prescription drug abuse and misuse in Canada.
The Saskatchewan Chiefs of Police is proud to recognize Constable Taylor Mickleborough's service with the Public Education Award.





President, Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police