Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police
 is proud to present

Constable Henry Ly
of the Saskatoon Police Service

With the

Award for Valor

On December 22, 2007 at 0245 hours the Saskatoon Police Service received a 911 call and at 0323 hours Constable Henry Ly and Constable Dennis Hudec were dispatched to a basement suite in the 1200 block of Cumberland Avenue South to check on the welfare of a female resident. Acting Sergeant Grant McMillan also volunteered to attend.

At approximately 0340 the three officers entered the residence and observed a male with knives taped to his hands and a woman standing in front of him who was pleading with the officers not to hurt him. The man charged at them with the knives and Constable Ly was forced to slam the door to protect the other officers and himself from imminent harm. The male hit the door with enough force to knock it from its frame. He continued his attack by thrusting the knives at the officers through the space between the door and the frame.

Eventually the male retreated and the officers entered the suite to remove the woman for her safety. While Acting Sergeant McMillan was escorting her out, without warning, the man charged again and Constables Ly and Hudec were forced to discharge their guns.

It is every officer’s hope that they would never have to face an incident like this. Their bravery and heroism in risking their own lives to protect the lives of others exemplifies true valor in every way.





Chief  Dale McFee
President, Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police