Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police is proud to present

Cpl. Jason Kerr of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police "F" Division

with the

Excellence in Performance Award

Cpl. Kerr, as Acting Sergeant, is currently overseeing the Proceeds of Crime Section of the Integrated Organized Crime Team in Saskatoon. His duties involve supervising and providing guidance to proceeds of crime investigators, including members from partner agencies.

Cpl. Kerr brings to the province a level of expertise that is recognized on a national level. He is one of only a few recognized Proceeds of Crime Experts throughout Canada and is regularly requested to provide written Expert Opinion for the courts on cases in other provinces. This is an obvious benefit to the province, as this is where the bulk of his work is concentrated. He has provided opinions, guidance and direction on numerous Saskatchewan based investigations conducted by the RCMP, CFSEU, and various Saskatchewan Police Services.

Cpl. Kerr is an excellent mentor. He was asked to take on the supervisor/mentoring role for the other proceeds section in the province.

Money laundering, proceeds of crime, and terrorist financing are all national priorities and are significant issues provincially. Because of Cpl. Kerr’s pursuit of excellence in this area of expertise, Saskatchewan remains at the forefront in this area.

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police is proud to recognize Cpl. Jason Kerr with the “Excellence in Performance Award”.



Chief Troy Hagen
President, Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police