Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police
 is proud to present

of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

With the

Excellence in Performance

Staff Sergeant Gerry Goulay has demonstrated excellence in his policing duties through his skills in operations, community service and detachment resource management for the Yorkton detachment and area. The Excellence in Performance Award is given to an officer who has excelled in more than one area of policing and symbolizes the highest level of achievement in the province among police officers.

Staff Sergeant Goulay believes in working with other partners in a collaborative approach to address crime. As such, he and his staff are involved in many worthwhile projects such as FAST (Family and Schools Together), Kidsfirst, and Schools Plus, as well as the RCMP Cadet Corp Youth at Risk program. In addition to his dedication to community, Staff Sergeant Goulay is vigilant of crime related activity in his detachment and has tried a variety of methods to address crime such as utilizing Bike Patrol and implementing a SHOCAP (Serious Habitual Offenders Community Action Program) in his area.

Staff Sergeant Goulay recognizes the stress caused by a heavy workload and has implemented programming within his detachment to support a healthy workplace called FISH! For this and his achievements in the areas of community policing and police operations, the Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police would like to commend Staff Sergeant Goulay for his work within the community of Yorkton by awarding him with the Excellence in Policing Services Award for 2005 in the category Excellence in Performance.



Chief Terry Coleman
President, Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police