Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police is proud to present

Insp. Gerry Kerr of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police "F" Division

with the

Leadership Award

Insp. Gerry Kerr has been a member of the RCMP since 1988 and is presently the “F” Division and “T” Division Employee Management Relations Officer. This is a critical position within these two divisions which assumes responsibility for a wide range of services primarily focused on employee health, well-being, and accountability. The individual units include the following: Health Services, Return to Work, Chaplaincy, Peer Support, Respectful Workplace, Fitness and Lifestyle, Informal Conflict Management, Duty to Accommodate, Professional Responsibility, Discipline, Harassment, and Employee Requirements. This is a very broad set of program areas that touch on every employee and workplace, throughout the two divisions.

It is because of Insp. Kerr’s leadership, that tremendous progress has been made in building capacity and momentum for change.

Insp. Kerr is well-respected by her peers and leads by example in all areas of her personal and professional life.

Through her work and through her example, Insp. Kerr continues to make significant contributions to the profession of policing.

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police is proud to recognize Insp. Gerry Kerr with the “Leadership Award”.



Chief Troy Hagen
President, Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police