Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police
 is proud to present

Constable Steven Enns
of the Estevan Police Service

With the


Constable Steven Enns started his policing career with Estevan Police Service in 2007.

While on patrol during the early morning hours of May 18, 2012, Constable Enns discovered the rear of an older two-story residence engulfed in flame. Constable Enns radioed for assistance and then banged on the locked door, waking two dogs and a 30-year old female. She informed Constable Enns that her boyfriend, her infant son, and another family friend were still in the house.

As the woman fled the house, Constable Enns entered and observed flames along the walls and ceiling. Despite the fire, he entered the house, located the 29-year old male, and got him to leave immediately. Constable Enns then ran upstairs and found the 2-year old infant sleeping in the playpen. He picked up the infant, covered him, and went to the other bedroom where he located a sleeping 24-year old male. Together, they were able to exit the smoke-filled house as the flames surrounded them and consumed the structure.

Constable Enns laid aside his personal safety to save the lives of those four occupants.

The Saskatchewan Chiefs of Police is proud to recognize Constable Steven Enns’ distinguished act of heroism with the Valor Award.


Chief Troy Hagen
President, Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police