Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police is proud to present

The Regina Police Service 101st Grey Cup Planning Committee

Inspector Corey Zaharuk
Inspector Darren Wilcox
Staff Sergeant Trevor Ewart
Staff Sergeant Brent Ermel
Sergeant lan Barr

with the


In February of 2012, the Regina Police Service was a major partner on the 101st Grey Cup Festival Safety and Security Committee. This partnership resulted in the establishment of the Regina Police Service 101st Grey Cup Planning Committee with a mission to provide a safe environment, maintain high quality service, and work closely with their public safety partners during the Grey Cup Festival.

The committee partnered with a number of agencies that provided subject matter experts in areas such as law enforcement, city works, engineering, and information technology. These partnerships helped the committee deal with such things as social media, budgeting, and planning in terms of crowd control, traffic, and emergency operations. Some of the partners included the RCMP, Emergency Medical Services, Regina Fire & Protective Services, Regina Emergency Preparedness, Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority, Regina Transit, and the CFL.

Under the direction of Inspector Corey Zaharuk and Inspector Darren Wilcox, the committee developed and coordinated a week-long resource deployment strategy. The strong leadership demonstrated by Staff Sergeant Trevor Ewart (Operational Commander), Staff Sergeant Brent Ermel (Logistics), and Sergeant lan Barr (Traffic Services) provided for a safe environment during the festival week and the game day activities.

This committee worked tirelessly to develop and leverage community partnerships that identified and solved problems, thereby ensuring the 2013 Grey Cup Festival in Regina was safe and enjoyable for all those in attendance.

The Saskatchew n Chiefs of Police is proud to recognize the Regina Police Service 101 st Grey Cup Plar:ning C mmittee ith the Community Policing Award.



Chief Troy Hagen
President, Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police