Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police is proud to present

Chris Mitchell Civilian Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

with the

Excellence in Preformance Award

In late 2011, the Saskatchewan Internet Child Exploitation Unit (ICE) initiated a very challenging child pornography investigation. The technical investigators in this matter were Constable Joel Bautista, a Forensic Technician with the Saskatchewan ICE Unit, and two civilian members of the RCMP Technological Crime Branch in Ottawa – Chris Mitchell, a Technical Forensic Analyst and Anthony Fuentes, a Forensic Hardware Technician.

A Saskatoon resident was incarcerated for two years on the initial child pornography charges. ICE had seized numerous computer devices from the offender who was not co-operative with the police. Included in the seizure were two external “Data Locker” hard drives that were password protected, totally encrypted and subject to automatic erasure of contents after 10 failed password attempts. Neither Data Locker themselves nor any known law enforcement agency, had ever been able to breach the hard drive security.

For 2 ½ years, between other investigations, Bautista, Mitchell and Fuentes diligently worked at gaining access to the hard drives. Over time, they defeated one security level after another until they were able to crack the password and access the Data Locker devices. They recovered evidence that led to the re-arrest of the recently released offender and to several additional child pornography-related charges.

The time and effort that was invested by all three forensic technicians over that 2 ½ years is a testament to their dedication and commitment in protecting and saving our children while identifying predators in whatever jurisdiction they reside. The Saskatchewan Chiefs of Police are proud to recognize Constable Joel Bautista, Chris Mitchell, and Anthony Fuentes with the Excellence in Performance Award.

The Saskatchewan Chiefs of Police are proud to recognize Constable Renee Breckner with the Community Policing Award.



Chief Troy Hagen
President, Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police