Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police
 is proud to present

Sergeant Keith Briant
of the Saskatoon Police Service

With the

Community Policing Award

In June 2003 Sergeant Keith Briant proposed a community policing initiative to be known as the Pleasant Hill Project loosely modelled upon the success of the McNab Youth Project. The goal of the Pleasant Hill Project is to provide youth in the neighbourhood opportunities to channel their energy in positive ways which would also have the added benefit of reducing crime and forging strong relationships in the community.   

In 2006 Sergeant Briant was instrumental in bringing together the Community Activity Training and Service Group (CATS) which is made up of representatives from the Saskatchewan Tribal Council, Communities for Children, Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op, Saskatoon Police Service, Habitat for Humanity, Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon and the Pleasant Hill Community Association whose cooperation and participation was vital to the projects development.  

Funding was secured and two locations were established. The first location at 705 - 20th Street is already operating and is being managed by the Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op. The other location at 226 Avenue V.S. and is known as the Kinsmen Activity Place and will be managed by the Saskatoon Tribal Council.  

The grand opening for the complex is scheduled for 2009. This community project may never have come to fruition if it had not been for Sergeant Briant’s dedication, leadership and passion for improving and creating safer neighbourhoods in Saskatoon.




Chief  Dale McFee
President, Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police