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Constable Tim Bayly has demonstrated excellence in his policing duties through his acts of heroism and courage during an encounter with a male armed with a gun and high on methamphetamine.
On April 30th 2004, Saskatoon Police Service Constable Tim Bayly was called upon to do what every police officer hopes they never have to face. In an effort to protect members of the public, his fellow officers and himself, Constable Bayly had to resort to the use of his firearm to stop the actions of a man who was trying to harm them. After wrestling the offender away from where innocent store owners and employees were standing, Constable Bayly, with the offender’s loaded gun pointed directly at his abdomen, fired one round, fatally injuring the suspect.

Constable Bayly’s dedication to training and continual learning, military experience, Emergency Response expertise and ability to think quickly in the face of danger and possible death, contributed to his ability to keep the innocent bystanders and police safe.

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police would like to commend Constable Bayly for his willingness to risk his own life to protect and preserve the life of others by awarding him with the Excellence in Policing Services Award for 2005 in the category of Valor.




Terry Coleman
President, Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police