Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police
 is proud to present

of the Regina Police Service

With the

Valor Award

Sergeant Ash was involved in a shooting at the Seven Oaks Hotel parking lot on November 8, 2005.

Sergeant Ash was requested to perform a high-risk stop on a vehicle driven by a suspect who was wanted for armed robbery by The Saskatoon Police Service.  Sergeant Ash observed the suspect had a “sawed off” shotgun pointed in his direction.  Reacting on his training and instinct, Sergeant Ash discharged his firearm twice at him and maintained cover.  The suspect managed to drive away; eventually colliding with another vehicle. Using the shotgun, the suspect then attempted to “carjack” another vehicle. After discharging his shotgun, he fled the scene on foot.

Sergeant Ash continued to track the suspect and was required to release his Police Service Dog; successfully apprehending the suspect.  Sergeant Ash reacted appropriately throughout this dangerous and stressful arrest; being mindful of both officer safety and prevention of injury to others by utilizing his dog to control the suspect.

Sergeant Ash is being commended for his actions in this dangerous incident.  

The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police is presenting Sergeant Ash with the Valor Award for 2007.




Chief  Dale McFee
President, Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police